Front and Rear Wing Kits



We have a variety of different shapes and sizes of vertical wings for your models.  We can also make them to your specification if you send us a template to use or a copy of your plans.  However, it's very likely we have what you need and will check it against photos of the real boat if necessary.  The basic shape of  the rear horizontal wing kit allows you to cut it to your desired width and length to be used as front canard wings if cut smaller. You will need to taper and add hard material to the end of the wings where they are to be mounted and reinforce them before putting them together.  Hobby foam works great for this purpose.  Adding support wires to your model (like the real boats have) make the wings assembly both stable and strong. This will help stiffen them up considerably.  We'll be adding more wing tips to the Tips & Info page as time goes on.